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Vaping to stop Smoking : Original Premium Gvap Baking Kit

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Vaping to stop Smoking : Original Premium Gvap Baking Kit

Product Specification:

Smoking for dry Tobacco

Temperature Control and Ceramic Chamber

Anlerr Super Mini and OLED Screen

Airflow Tech: Isolated airflow tech

Vaping Style: Heat not to burn !

Product Parameter:

Mouthpiece: Retractable glass nozzle
Airflow Tech: Smooth isolated airflow
Heating Chamber: 0.5 gram, 30s ceramic quick heating chamber/0.8Ω,25W
Temperature: 300 °F-435 °F/148-224℃adjustable, Memory Function
Battery:18650 -3.7V 2200mAh
Charge Time: 1.5-2.5hour
Charge port: Micro USB charge port
Vaping Way: non-combustion dry Tobacco vaporizer
Certificate: CE/ROHS/FCC,Patented
Color: Black/Silver
Material: Food-grade PC, Ceramic, Aluminum alloy

Product Features:

1. Original self-design self produce mini non combustion dry Tobacco vaporizer

2. 300℉-435℉/148℃-224℃ accurate temperature control, memory function, can re-circle.

3. Ceramic heating chamber and Isolated airflow tech offer quick heating time and smooth airflow.

4. Changeable health mouthpiece, glass mouthpiece, and advanced OLED display.

5. Full baked, pure tasted, smooth airflow, and big vapor.