Responsibilities and Rights of A Gift Zone


2.1 Platform. A Gift Zone will operate and maintain the Platform. No changes relating to the features or functionalities of a Platform will affect the validity and enforceability of this Agreement.

2.2 Right to Cancel, Reject, or Remove. A Gift Zone reserves the right to review any Advertising Materials and related documentation submitted by Customer and Advertiser. If, in A Gift Zone’s sole judgment: (a) any Advertising Material or Advertising Target violates the Terms of Use of the Platform; (b) Customer violates or encourages violation of any applicable laws; (c) Customer breaches its obligations under this Agreement (including failure to pay the Advertising Fees); (d) any Advertisers violate or encourage violation of any applicable laws; (e) A Gift Zone believes that any Advertising Material, Advertising Target, or Landing Page may subject A Gift Zone to a criminal, civil, or administrative liability or, (f) any Advertising Material or Advertising Target constitutes Prohibited Content, A Gift Zone may take one or more of the following measures :

(i) reject, remove, cease, or discontinue delivery of the Advertisement;

(ii) require Customer or its Advertiser(s) to cure its violation, non-compliance, or breach within a specified period of time;

(iii) for each violation, impose a fine on Customer or deduct the amounts deposited with A Gift Zone as liquidated damage, which fine or deduction will not relieve Customer from its liabilities if Gift Zone’s losses exceed such amount; or

(iv) terminate this Agreement or the affected Insertion Order.

2.3 Changes to Terms of Use. Gift Zone may, at our discretion, update, amend, or modify the Terms of Use, including the eligibility requirements for Advertisers (e.g., natural persons, legal persons), prohibited categories of products or services that may be advertised, Advertising Materials review standards, payment requirements, scope of credentials review, additional fees, and waivers regarding certain industries. If Gift Zone updates, amends, or modifies the Terms of Use of a Platform, we will make reasonable efforts to notify Customer of the updates, amendments, or modifications, including by publishing the modified Terms of Use on the Platform’s website, by email, or by instant message. Customer will check the Platform periodically for such updates and notices. Modified Terms of Use take effect on publication. By continuing to execute Insertion Orders, Customer agrees to be bound by the updated, amended, or modified Terms of Use. If Customer does not agree to be bound by the updated, amended, or modified Terms of Use, Customer must terminate this Agreement.